Privacy Policy

Here’s a short introduction to our privacy practices

what we collect

  • Information you give us
  • Information we collect when you contact us, visit our sites, use our mobile applications or services, use our products or devices, or view our advertisements
  • Information we get from other companies who have obtained your consent to share or sell it or have ensured that other companies from whom they have received your information can share it with them and, in turn, with us and/or other companies
  • Information we get from other companies when you visit their websites

We may combine any and all of this information to help create better products, services, and consumer experiences.

how we use your information

  • Send you the products and services you ask for
  • Tell you about our and our marketing partners’ products and services
  • Help us run our sites and services

how and when we share your information

  • When we have your consent, with our carefully selected partners so that they can send you offers, promotions, or ads about their products and services we believe you may be interested in
  • With other companies we hire to help us run our business
  • As part of a sale of a Generate Job brand or business to another company
  • To help us protect our rights or property, e.g., fraud prevention or information security
  • When required by law or government authorities

What we collect

We collect information when you give it to us, when you contact us, visit our sites, use our mobile applications or services, use our products or devices, or view our advertisements. We also receive information from other companies who have obtained your consent to share or sell it, have ensured that other companies from whom they have received your information can share it with them and, in turn, with us and/or other companies or have collected the information when you visit their websites.

We may combine any and all of this information to help create better products, services, and consumer experiences. We collect the following types of information from you and may have collected such information during the 12-month period prior to the date this privacy policy was last updated:

Contact Information
Data elements in this category include names (including nicknames and previous names), titles, mailing address, email address, telephone/mobile number and contact information for related persons (such as authorized users of your account).

Unique identifiers
Data elements in this category include unique ID number (such as customer number, account number, subscription number, rewards program number), system identifiers (including username or online credentials), device advertisers, advertising IDs and IP address.

Government-issued identification information numbers
Data elements in this category include social security number, driver’s license number and passport number.

Financial information
Data elements in this category include bank account number and details and payment card information.

Biometric information
Data elements in this category include facial recognition data, voiceprint, fingerprint and a mathematical representation of your biometric identifier, such as the template maintained for comparison.

Demographic Information and Preferences
Data elements in this category include personal characteristics and preferences, such as age range, marital and family status, shopping preferences, languages spoken, loyalty and rewards program data, household demographic data, data from social media platforms, education and professional information, hobbies and interests and propensity scores from third parties (likelihood of purchase, experiencing a life event, etc.).

Transaction and Commercial Information
Data elements in this category include customer account information, qualification data, purchase history and related records (returns, product service records, records of payments, credits etc.), records related to downloads and purchases of products and applications, non-biometric data collected for consumer authentication (passwords, account security questions), customer service records.

Inferred Information derived from other information listed in this section
We create inferred and derived data elements by analyzing our relationship and transactional information. Data elements in this category include propensities, attributes and/or scores generated by internal analytics programs.

Online & Technical Information, including internet or other electronic network activity information
Data elements in this category include: IP address, MAC address, SSIDs or other device identifiers or persistent identifiers, online user ID, encrypted password, device characteristics (such as browser information), web server logs, application logs, browsing data, viewing data (TV, streaming), website and app usage, first party cookies, third party cookies, flash cookies, Silverlight cookies, web beacons, clear gifs and pixel tags.

Audio Visual Information
Data elements in this category include photographs, video images, CCTV recordings, Call Center recordings and call monitoring records, and voicemails.

Health Information
Data elements based on how it is collected include:

Information collected from consumer programs

  • General health and symptom information or product interest
  • Pregnancy related information, such as due date

Consumer Research Studies where you have provided your informed consent

  • Information about physical or mental health, disease state, medical history or medical treatment or diagnosis, medicines taken and related information

Internet of Things and Sensor data
Data elements in this category include smart device records, IoT products.

Geolocation data
Data elements in this category include precise location (such as latitude/longitude)

Children’s data
We do not knowingly collect personal information directly from children under 16, except where we have the consent of the parents or guardians. We receive children’s data from parents and guardians.

How We Collect Your Information

We collect information about you in many ways from many places. Some of the information we collect may include personal information that can be used to identify you; for example, your name, email address, telephone number, or postal address. In some countries like those in the EU or in states like California, things like IP address or cookie and mobile device identifiers may also be considered personal information.

Here are the ways we collect your information:

Please note: We may combine all of the information we collect about you to give you better products, services, and user experiences.

you provide it to us directly. You give us your information when signing up for an account on our websites or mobile apps or by calling or emailing us. We may ask for things like your name, email or home address, date of birth, payment information, your age, gender, the number of people in your family, and the way you want us to send you information about our products and services—for example, to your home address, email address, or by texting you.

from sites and emails. We may use technologies that automatically collect information when you visit our sites, view our advertisements, or use our products or services. For example, we use cookies (a tiny file stored on your computer’s browser) to tell us what browser and operating system you are using, your IP address, web pages you visit, links you click, or whether you have or have not opened an email from us

from mobile applications and internet connected devices. To give you the best possible user experience, we may use technologies that collect information from your phone when you use our mobile apps or our “smart” devices in your home. You consent to do this when downloading the app or installing household internet connected devices. This information could include your mobile phone or other device advertising ID, information about your phone’s operating system, how you use the app or device, and your physical location. You will get a pop up notice on your phone or device that gives you the option to accept or reject allowing us to know your precise geolocation (exactly where you are standing or where you are accessing the internet).

from other places. We may get information that other companies share with or sell to us. For example, you may have given consent for another company to share your personal information with us when you signed up for telecom services or a retailer loyalty points program. We may also collect information from places that you know everyone can see, such as from internet postings, blog entries, videos, or social media sites. We may also receive information from other companies, such as consumer data resellers, who are in the business of collecting or aggregating information about you sourced from publicly available databases (in line with local legal requirements as applicable) or from consent you have given to their use and subsequently our use of your information. This might be information about your income level, age, gender, number of people in your family, and products you have bought on the internet or from stores in your neighborhood.

How We Use Your Information

We use your information to help us meet our purpose of touching and improving the lives of people like you every day around the world. For example, we use your information to:

  • Perform Services
  • Identify and authenticate you to our different marketing programs and websites
  • Respond to your questions or requests for information,
  • Provide customer service
  • Send transactional messages (such as account statements or confirmations),
  • Send marketing communications, survey and invitations
  • Process your payment for the products you buy from us
  • Process and issue refunds and collections
  • Send you products or samples you have requested
  • Help you manage your Generate Job site or app preferences
  • Allow you to enter our contests or sweepstakes
  • Interact with you on social media

We also use your information for internal business purposes, such as:

  • Quality control, training and analytics
  • Safety Maintenance and verification
  • System administration and technology management, including optimizing our websites and applications
  • Security purposes, including detecting threats and protecting against malicious or fraudulent activity
  • Recordkeeping and auditing interactions with consumers, including logs and records maintained as part of transaction information
  • Risk management, audit, investigations, reporting and other legal and compliance reasons

We may also use your personal information to better understand you and our customers generally, including:

  • For internal research
  • To design and develop products, services and programs that delight our consumers
  • To identify prospective consumers

Another way we use your information is to track your use of products, services and websites to make sure that what you hear from us is relevant and useful to you as an individual. For example, we may send you information about Gillette® products if you have shown interest in our shaving products by visiting When we do this, we may identify you or your device and associate you with different devices you may use in order to deliver more relevant advertising to you. We will use your information – a cookie ID or device ID -- to limit the number of times you see the same advertisement from Gillette. We want you to hear from us about the products you use and love without you hearing the same message We may also use your personal information to learn more about what consumers want so that we can make new products or improve the ones we already have.

We also collect and use your information, including information provided by a third party (e.g., refer-a-friend program), to administer and maintain our financial incentive, rewards, discounts (e.g., price or service coupons) and loyalty programs (collectively, “Rewards Programs”). We use the information you provide in these programs to verify your identity, offer unique rewards, track your program status, and to facilitate the exchange of program points for products, promotional materials, training workshops, and other items. If you consent to participate in any of our Rewards Programs, you may withdraw that consent at any time by contacting us using the contact details in this Privacy Policy or in accordance with the instructions set forth in the applicable Rewards Program’s terms and conditions. We may use the information gathered from, or related to, participants in our Rewards Programs for any other purpose or in any other manner set forth in this Privacy Policy. For more information on how we calculate the value of your personal information for Rewards Programs as required under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

How We Safeguard Your Information

We respect your personal information and take steps to protect it from loss, misuse, or alteration. Where appropriate, these steps can include technical measures like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, unique and complex passwords, and encryption. We also use organizational and physical measures such as training staff on data processing obligations, identification of data incidents and risks, restricting staff access to your personal information, and ensuring physical security including appropriately securing documents when not being used

What We Share

with other companies. When we have your consent, we may share your information with select partners so they can send you offers, promotions, or ads about products or services we believe you may be interested in. For example, people who receive Generate Job emails from our diaper brands such as Pampers® may also consent to hear about baby formulas made by other companies. We do not sell your personal information to marketers outside of Generate Job in exchange for monetary compensation. For purposes of California law, however, we may share information with third parties in a way that is considered a “sale”. Where that is the case, we will comply with California “Do Not Sell” requirements. For more information, please consult the California Consumer Privacy Rights section of the privacy policy below.

with service providers. We may share your information with service providers who help us run our business, including hosting our sites, delivering our emails and marketing communications to you, analyzing the data we collect, helping us with sales attribution (e.g., to see if we showed you an ad on a platform site and then you bought a product from us) and sending you the products and services you requested. We also share your information with lawyers, auditors, consultants, information technology and security firms, and others who provide services to us. We share only the personal information needed for these companies to complete the tasks we request. They are required to protect your information in the same way we do and will not share it or use it for any other purpose than to provide us services. During the 12-month period prior to this privacy policy’s last update, we may have disclosed data from all of the categories listed in the “What We Collect” section above to third parties for a business purpose depending upon the specifics of the business execution.
other situations. If a brand or one of our businesses with which you’ve shared personal data is sold to another company, your data will be shared with that company. As a result, your account and the personal data in it will not be deleted unless you tell the brand or new company that you want it deleted. We may also share your information with companies who help us protect our rights and property, or when required by law or government authorities.

Interest-Based Advertising

When you visit our partner sites, we can show you ads or other content we believe you would like to see. For example, you may receive advertisements for Tide® laundry detergent if we notice that you are visiting sites that sell children’s clothing or school supplies. And from that information we may conclude that you have children and therefore could well be interested in a powerful laundry-cleaning product. In this way, we intend to send you relevant information about our products that might be of benefit to you.

we learn from groups of consumers sharing similar interests. We may place you into a particular group of consumers who show the same interests. For example, we may put you in the group of “razor aficionados” if we see you frequently purchase razors online or you could be a “bargain-shopper” if we notice you use online coupons or look for discounts or sales. We notice these things about you as you look at web pages, links you click on our websites and other websites you visit, mobile applications you use, or our brand emails you view and links you click in the emails. We group together cookie and device IDs to help us learn about general trends, habits, or characteristics from a group of consumers who all act similarly online and/or offline. By doing this, we can find and serve many others who “look like” those already in the group and thereby send them what we believe will be relevant and beneficial product offers and information.

we link other information to your cookie and device IDs. Your cookie and device IDs may be supplemented with other information, such as information about the products you buy offline or information that you provide directly to us when creating an account on our sites. We generally do this in ways that will not directly personally identify you. For example, we could know that cookie ID ABC12345 belongs to the razor aficionado group based on person’s web site visits, age, gender, and shopping habits, but we would not know that person’s name or address or other information that would identify him or her as a person. Should we ever want to personally identify your cookie or device information (web and app viewing history), we will always ask you before doing so.

we may know you across all of your computers, tablets, phones, and devices. We may know that cookie ID ABC12345 is from a computer that that may be connected to the same person or household owning the mobile phone with device ID EFG15647. This means that you may search for diapers on your laptop, click on a Google search result link which we have sponsored, and then later see an ad for our Pampers® brand diapers on your mobile phone. We might assume or deduce that the same person owns the computer and phone because, for example, they sign on to the same WiFi network every day at the same time. Understanding what devices seem to be used by a person or household helps us limit the number of times you see the same ad across all of your devices. And this is important because that way you don’t get annoyed at us for spamming you with the same ad and we don’t pay for such repetitive ads that we don’t want you to receive.

how you can stop receiving interest-based ads. To stop receiving Generate Job interest-based advertising, you click on the AdChoices icon on one of our sites. You can also prevent getting interest-based ads on websites by declining cookies in your browser(s), declining the “access to data” requests that apps usually present when you install them, or by adjusting the ad tracking settings on your device.

you will still see “contextual” ads even if you opt out of interest-based ads. Even if we stop sending you interest-based ads, you will still get ads from our brands on your computer or mobile devices. These ads, however, are based on the context of the sites you visit and are called contextual ads. Unlike interest-based ads which are based on pages you visit on your mobile phone or computer viewing activities, contextual ads are ads shown to you based on the context of the specific site you are visiting. For example, you still may see an ad for one of our baby care brands while looking at nursery products online because these sites traditionally have had mostly new or expecting parents as visitors. You should also know that we may still collect information from your computer or devices and use it for other purposes like evaluating how our websites work, for consumer research, or detecting fraud.

deleting cookies also deletes your opt out. When you opt out of interest-based advertising, we send an opt-out cookie to your browser that tells us that you no longer want to receive interest-based ads from us. Your opt-out cookie will be deleted if you decide to delete all cookies. This means that you will need to opt-out again if you still do not want to receive interest-based ads.

Facebook’s Advanced Matching. Some of our sites use Facebook’s Advanced Matching features which is a service they offer to advertisers. Through these features, we will send certain of the information you enter into our site form fields (e.g., your name, email address, and phone number – not any sensitive or special category data) in hashed format (encrypted) to Facebook, or the Facebook pixel will hash (encrypt) and pull that data automatically, for the purpose of helping associate you with your browser cookie or device ID. We do this so that we can better target and measure the effectiveness of our advertising on Facebook’s platform. This is how we can know that if we showed you an ad on Facebook, you clicked on it, came to our site and bought something – or not – and therefore whether we should continue to buy ads on Facebook – or not.

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